Letter from the President

Welcome to Assumption College for Sisters!

In a traveling exhibit, recently housed at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC and at Ellis Island, here in New Jersey, the Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America, chronicled the history of religious women in the United States and how they contributed to the growth of our country. These contributions began in 1727 with the arrival of twelve Catholic sisters in New Orleans. For the next 300 years, the contributions made by religious women in the United States were remarkable, running schools hospitals, and orphanages from America’s earliest days.

In 1873, eight Sisters of Christian Charity traveled to New Orleans to establish the first Catholic school staffed by our congregation. Their work spanned the century and spread for miles around. They ran schools, hospitals, and orphanages.

And now, fast forward to the twenty-first century…Here in the United States, the Sisters of Christian Charity are involved in health care, education in all its many forms, and pastoral ministry. Going back to their roots, they are proud to boast of Assumption College for Sisters, owned and sponsored by the Sisters of Christian Charity.

Each year for the past several years, twenty-five religious women, Sisters from many different congregations and all from developing nations, have been awarded full scholarships to the college. Just since 2005,  73 students have graduated with either an AA or an ARA degree. Of those receiving an AA degree, 91% continued to receive an undergraduate degree.  In the remaining 9%, 1 is deceased, and 5 are in community ministry. Of those continuing their studies  30% went on to receive or are pursuing a Master’s Degree! Quite a track record!

And so, I welcome you to our website where you will learn more about our mission “to educate women called to a life of consecration to God and of service in the Roman Catholic Church.”




Sister Joseph Spring, SCC