May the miracle of Christmas fill your Heart with joy and blessings!

May the miracle of Christmas fill your Heart with joy and blessings!

Dear Friends of Assumption College for Sisters,

As we celebrate the miracle of Christmas, our Sister students join me in wishing you every blessing (in a variety of languages!) for Christmas and promise our continued prayers for you and your family into the new year!

And speaking of miracles, it is hard to believe that this is our fifth year here at the Denville site.

For those of you who are new to our College, in 2015 we moved from our location within the Motherhouse in Mendham. It was a miracle and now we forge ahead to continue our mission of teaching a Sister and touching the world, as we watch more miracles unfold!

Let me share some of these “miracle stories” from three different continents: One Sister who came to ACS knowing no English now teaches English Literature in a University in Vietnam. Another Sister was named “Teacher of the Year” by the Ministry of Education in Malawi in recognition of her high standards in the classroom. On yet another continent, two Sisters have been entrusted with the religious formation program in their congregation in El Salvador and Guatemala. The list goes on…

Every year, we give you an update on our statistics: Since 2005, 125 Sisters have graduated from ACS, and each year it is estimated that each Sister ministers to approximately 40 people. With the multiplier effect, our small mission has reached over 170,000 people in fourteen years!

I invite you to share in our mission and help continue the miracles through education here at ACS. This is only possible through your generosity. Can you please include our Sisters on your Christmas gift list by making a donation/offering this season?

$100 provides educational materials for one Sister

$172 funds one college credit

$516 funds one 3-credit College course

$6,000 provides one semester of education, room, and board for one Sister

$12,000 provides one year of education, room, and board for one Sister

I appeal to you to help continue these miracles. We will use every dollar to Teach Sisters so they can continue to Touch the World.

With every blessing,

Sister Joseph Spring, SCC


Founded and Sponsored the Sisters of Christian Charity