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A basic education in the liberal arts prepares the student not only for the pursuit of higher studies and specialization, but also for life. The College awards two degrees: the Associate in Arts and the Associate in Religious Arts. Students can also earn a Certificate in Theological Studies.

Requirements for Associate Degrees

To receive the degree of Associate in Arts (AA) a student must earn 66 credits with a minimum average of C or a 2.0 grade-point average (GPA). The degree of Associate in Religious Arts (ARA) requires 60 credits. In either case, at least half the credits must be obtained at Assumption College for Sisters.

Earning Two Associate Degrees

A student with an Associate in Arts degree can also receive the Associate in Religious Arts degree if she earns a total of 24 credits in theology. The student with an ARA must complete the specific requirements for the AA to be eligible for this second degree.

Certificate in Theological Studies

The College awards the Certificate in Theological Studies to a student who has earned a total of 30 credits in theology and philosophy, including a minimum of 18 credits in theology and 6 in philosophy.

Unit of Credit

A college credit is a quantitative measure representing 15 fifty-minute class periods or their equivalent. Therefore each 3-credit course totals 45 semester credit hours or the equivalent.


Assumption College

Welcome to Assumption College for Sisters located in beautiful and historic Denville, NJ! As you travel through our website, you will learn of the uniqueness of the College and its mission.

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Assumption College for Sisters prides itself on remaining the embodiment of the heritage received from Blessed Pauline von Mallinckrodt, foundress of the Sisters of Christian Charity.

We are located at 200 A Morris Avenue, Denville, NJ 07834

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