Message from the President

from the President

Dear Friends of Assumption College for Sisters,

Greetings! I am Sister Marie Pauline Demek, SCC, and I am now honored to become the 7th President of Assumption College for Sisters.

I began my ministry here at ACS on July 1, 2023, in “response to God’s call” and my community leadership’s request to serve as Assumption College for Sisters’ as Interim President until December 31. Or so I thought!

Each day I learned more about what the role entailed and realized that I had “big shoes to fill” as Sister Joseph’s successor. I kept telling myself it was only until December!

However, “God works in mysterious ways” for, even though I graduated from ACS and received an excellent education, I discovered, as each day progressed, an appreciation for its worldwide mission.  Not only that, I was drawn more and more into the passion that I experienced from the ACS Board of Trustees, the administrative staff, the faculty, ACS donors, and the students (they are a delight!) It is a passion that is almost tangible! I wish to continue to be part of this grand adventure!

I look forward to meeting many of you throughout the year. I am reminded of the words of St. Paul to the Philippians: “complete my joy by being of the same mind, with the same love, united in heart, and thinking one thing.” For ACS, this joy is found in its Mission Statement: Impelled by God’s love, Assumption College for Sisters, through education and community, forms servant leaders who transform lives. Teach a Sister-Touch the World!”

The mission is essential! I believe that all the SCCs and each of you who advance the mission of ACS in any way will continue to see the far-reaching effects of a joy that completes, for we ever remain one mind, one love, one heart, one thing: to teach and to touch both now and forever!

I ask for your prayers for me and for Sr.  Maria Teresa Nguyen, Coordinator of Student Services, Sr. Carol Schuyler, Assistant to the President/Student Services (at ACS until December) and Sr. Geralyn Schmidt, who will be joining ACS in the spring of 2024 as Assistant to the President/Student Services.

God bless you for all you do for the mission of Assumption College for Sisters.


Sister Marie Pauline Demek, SCC

ACS President