Welcome to Assumption College for Sisters

Welcome to
Assumption College for Sisters

Impelled by Christ’s love, Assumption College for Sisters, through education and community, forms servant leaders who transform lives. “Teach a Sister…Touch the World”

ACS MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is the very reason we exist. It is who we are.

Assumption College for Sisters prides itself on remaining the embodiment of the heritage received from Blessed Pauline von Mallinckrodt, foundress of the Sisters of Christian Charity. It witnesses to her conviction that the Sisters should be well prepared, both spiritually and professionally to spread the Kingdom of God through sound education, from which, in her words, “flows the temporal and eternal welfare of the individual and of society.” Assumption College for Sisters, convinced of the need and relevance of its mission and relying on the providence of God for light and strength, is determined to respond thoughtfully and vigorously to the needs of the times by preparing women religious for a lifetime of consecrated service to God’s people, particularly through education and healthcare.

In 1965 Assumption College for Sisters merited accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104. This status was renewed decennially until the present day.

Postulants, novices and temporary professed Sisters constituted the student body until the fall of 1968 when enrollment was augmented by neighboring religious congregations as well as by Sisters who were refugees from Saigon, Vietnam. When the number of women entering religious life declined in the 1970’s, administrators reached out to local communities who gradually began enrolling Sisters at Assumption College for Sisters. In addition, the number of Sisters from developing nations who were offered full scholarships grew until the present time. These Sisters from developing nations now join the cadre of ACS alumnae who continue to touch the countless minds and hearts throughout the world.

In August 2015, Assumption College for Sisters relocated to the Morris Catholic High School Campus. The mission of the college remains the same. We are a fully accredited two-year liberal arts college dedicated to educating women who are called to a life of consecration to God and of service in the Roman Catholic Church.

Sponsored by the Sisters of Christian Charity, ACS offers a two year, integrated program of liberal arts and theological study in addition to a year of ESL and computer studies for our international students. Each year ACS offers 20 full scholarships to Sisters from developing nations located in Africa, Asia, and Central America. After they earn AA degrees, more than 90% of our graduates continue their studies at a four-year college. Upon completion of their studies, the Sisters return to their native countries to serve their people through various ministries including pastoral care, healthcare, and education. Our Mission is embodied by our mantra “Teach a sister… Touch the world”.

We hope you will consider browsing through our website, and even better, visiting us personally for the true Assumption College for Sisters experience.


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Earning Two Associate Degrees

A student with an Associate in Arts degree can also receive the Associate in Religious Arts degree if she earns a total of 24 credits in theology. The student with an ARA must complete the specific requirements for the AA to be eligible for this second degree.

Requirements for Associate Degrees

To receive the degree of Associate in Arts (AA) a student must earn 66 credits with a minimum average of C or a 2.0 grade-point average (GPA). The degree of Associate in Religious Arts (ARA) requires 60 credits. In either case, at least half the credits must be obtained at Assumption College for Sisters.