Study at Assumption College for Sisters this Summer

Study at Assumption College for Sisters this Summer

Session May 28th – July 3rd

Fundamental Moral Theology
The Church: Its Nature and History

Alumna Testimonial

Sr. April Cabaccang, FMA


Fifteen thousand young people were consulted by the Church for the recent Synod on “Young People, Faith and Vocation Discernment.” They have made their need known: “We need to find attractive, coherent and authentic models. We need rational and critical explanations to complex issues – simplistic answers do not suffice.” My time at Assumption College for Sisters has helped to form me to be this coherent model for the young people that I serve in our ministries. 

The assignments and rich discussions we had in class deepened my knowledge and articulation of the faith, and helped me reflect on how to apply these to our pastoral ministries in Canada. Interacting with the different cultural backgrounds of the students at ACS helps me now to have in mind the needs of the young people who live in a multi-faith and multicultural environment in Toronto. My Certificate of Theological Studies at ACS also gave me a good foundation in my current theological and pastoral studies.